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Cloudbreak Surf Co. makes goods
inspired by the Sun and the Sea.

The Cloudbreak Story

The Cloudbreak story has its beginnings in 2003 on the beaches of Fiji.  Days spent in the ocean  – diving, spearfishing, and surfing – gave way to nights around a beach campfire – roasting fish, drinking kava and strumming a worn-out six-string.  There were other trips to Fiji, and years living on the Big Island of Hawaii and the California coast that reinforced the ideals that are the foundation of Cloudbreak.


The sun and sea constantly remind us that the best experiences in life are not measured by money or status.  And if we slow down to notice, we might find those worthwhile experiences almost anywhere.


So, whether you surf, dive, play sports, fish, skate, climb rocks, or just nap under the open sky, do what you do for the sake of it.  And as you live in the authenticity of your experiences, maybe the sea will be nearby, and maybe the sun will break through.

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